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Domain Names

Life names' portfolio of premium domains includes some of Canada's top online properties. have you found the Perfect home for your online presence?


Life Names combines your business vision with a touch of our special sauce. Through a results driven approach and a photographic eye, we work to grow your branD


When you choose life names, you're relying on broad industry experts that look at all pieces of the business puzzle in everything we do. Our clients trust us because we understand their goals and care about their customers as much as they do

Great domain names are a critical investment if you intend to get your online marketing right. Life Names has helped businesses of all sizes increase their website traffic, create the "wow-factor" in printed marketing materials, and leave a giant impression with their customers since 2012.

From domain acquisition to asset management and protection, we specialize in making great brands accessible. Our domain name leasing services remove any shocks to your bottom line by simplifying premium domain ownership to a simple monthly cost. We are uniquely trusted in the industry for our fair and transparent lease terms that make life-long domain leasing a fantastic, risk-free option. If you are looking to own your property outright, of course that's always a possibility. Please contact us with your offer.

For client confidentiality, we only advertise a representative selection of available domain names in our online store. To access our wider portfolio, please contact us with your requirements and budget.

(Final payment and domain management is completed through our partners at for the mutual security of Life Names and our clients)

Featured Premium Domain Names

What's the perfect domain name for your online presence? Reach out to our domain brokerage team to remove the ambiguity and make the right decision for your business first time around. By maintaining your anonymity, our brokers remove any variability in negotiation to ensure a fair price is agreed upon for the great domain you really want.

We value our personalized service and integrity highly. Aside from clear and transparent pricing, if we believe there's a better way to allocate your investment we'll tell you, and we'll tell you why. Contact Us today with your requirements and budget.

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If you need a professional online presence at an affordable price point, you're in good hands. Our unique eye for clean webpage design, beautiful photography and user-friendliness has earned us web design contracts across North America. Beauty isn't just skin deep however. We focus on clean code, lightweight images, site security and instant back-ups in case something goes wrong. 

We partner proudly with the fastest hosting and content delivery networks on earth to ensure your site loads quickly, wherever in the world it's accessed from. All our sites are designed with mobile users in mind and each is crafted meticulously to match your business' exacting requirements.

Not a computer geek or looking to reduce your workload? No problem! Upon client request we build sites so simple to modify, update and manage they make even WordPress look like rocket science!

Oftentimes, creating a website is just another piece of the online marketing puzzle. That's where our big-picture understanding makes us different. We will ensure your artwork makes you look your best, ensure your social presence is set up optimally, search engine optimize your site, and help you chose a domain name if you don't have one already. Most importantly, we can work to a budget. Let us know what you'd like to spend and we can do the best job possible within that constraint.

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Growing or slowing business? Life Names can solidify or invigorate your brand's offline image and online presence. We offer partially or fully-managed website and social media management solutions, commercial photography, graphic design, brand protection, online marketing and analytics support to ensure your business leaves the perfect impression.

New business, small business or product release? We assist you through initially selecting and protecting your business name and web address, developing your company brand and targeting your customers. We value our personalised service and integrity highly. If we believe there's a better way to allocate your investment we'll tell you, and we'll tell you why.

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Everyone needs a second opinion on occasion. Our North Vancouver based business strategy consulting services take a deep, analytical look at what's working and what isn't in your business, or website. We have helped managers re-imagine their restaurant layout and menu, technology companies expand operations to new regions, hotels transform their guest satisfaction ratings, ski companies find new target markets and conference operators reallocate their marketing spend and increase sales conversions.

If you're not getting the results you expect, or are searching for new ways to expand your business or reduce costs, get in contact with our consulting team today. Like always, if we don't honestly think we're a great fit for your business we'll tell you, and help point you in the right direction.

  • Domain Names and Brand Development
  • Internal Staff Communication
  • Business & Sales Strategy Development
  • Customer Presentation, Online and Offline Marketing
  • Mechanical Engineering, Process Design & Operations Management
  • Photography and Artwork Presentation
  • Digital Payment Processing Solutions & Ecommerce
  • Energy Infrastructure & Technical Inspection Solutions
  • Guest Service & Hotel / Restaurant Management
  • Performance Management & Staff Incentive Structuring
  • Retail Merchandising, Store Layout and Staff Training
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We wouldn't trust our business in the hands of anyone else. Neither should you.

When you partner with Life Names you can rest assured we're careful about underpinning your business with the best technical infrastructure available. Daily backup with rapid restore, automatic security upgrades, the world's fastest networks, and expert support come as standard. Greatness is more affordable than you thought.

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